The art of the moving image (and its accompanying audio!)



Video Editing -



I created all elements of this video, from the 3D modeling and animation, through to the music and voice over.

When Trends Art and Frame came up with the innovative Breakaway Canvas, they needed a video to showcase the idea.


I took the video demonstration of the canvas and couple this with 3D animation to show some of the ways the canvas can be used, and also wrote original music to accompany the video.

Here the clients wanted something special for their wedding day, something that would serve as a treasured memento as well as something to share on the day with their guests.


With a collection of photos spanning their lives, I presented this as a tour of a museum, with each photo on display on the wall, modeled and animated in full 3D!

Trends Art and Frame are a long-term client, and I've done all their videos with the exception of those filmed and produced by the local TV company.


In this one, I took their collection of still photos of their new location and turned that into a video tour of the store, writing the music to go with it.

For this ad for Exclusive Physician Loans, the hand-drawn still cartoons provided by the client were turned into a whiteboard animation and matched to their voice-over.


This one was a lot of fun to work on!

This video for wine-import company Vinorai involved taking their source footage and audio, along with their and Powerpoint presentation slides and converting those into video.

I created several demo videos for Merscom's games, such as this example for Nanny 911, which was based on the hit television series.


This involved screen capturing the onscreen gameplay to give a flavor of the core of the game, and blending the captured footage with music from the game itself to give the finished video.

3D modeling, animations, and video & audio production.